Tuesday, October 10, 2006

todays dissident report

as for solutions.. it's hard to say. i mean, you've had these assholes
hiding under their rocks for centuries playing their little chess game.. someone
once told me 'good guys don't need to play chess'. i think the pure indominable
human spirit will overcome this inhumanity. another think to think about is ..
the money factor. eliminating things like the drug and sex trade would cripple
them.. big buisness etc.. another fact that money needs to be sorted out is that
when it grows to an apex where the wealth is in the hands of so few to the point
where they basicly sweat cents it hurts mankind.. picture a dollar as a 'chi
energy point' you slave away for these 'energy points' and eventually they flow
through a useless unbenifital system to the end where they simply sit in a big
bank somewhere and effectively dissipate needlessly.. like a dammed river
overflowing.. drying the riverbed and starving the vegitation.


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