Sunday, October 01, 2006

socretes and the suppresson of alchemy and technology

"The unexamined life is not worth living." ~Socrates

History is often cronacaled by the unfolding of the discovery of technology, methods and ways of thinking. Although this is sort of an archaic way of thinking, as we should look at the evolution of spirit and the soul and the infinate now as it allows to greater ourselves.. but thats a topic for another time. Back on topic, what is to be said of those who's mechanations and methods have been lost to us in the flow of time by those who seek to opress us?

There is a long history of those said brave individuals.. who saught to make the world a better place. Those who delved deep and brought greatness to heights so high it had to be taken to great lengths to shoot them down. There is an old myth about Socretes, the great greek philosopher , was murdered for trying to reveal a great secret elixer [some think it to be monatomic gold] to the people. Indeed, there has always been secret mechanations and methods and ways of healing which the opressors seek to destroy for the advancement of their own agenda.
There are many staggering examples of this..the works of Nicoli Telsa, the electric car, even simple devices for combustion engine vehicles that would save you oodles of cash, free energy - orgone. radiological, hydrogen. Let it be known that in the US government.. one of the highest paying jobs is that of the patent officer. He who is paid to repress our great acheivements.. even when they find a shill willing to do such a thing.. they still must pay him top dollar.
Medicine, shamanism and wholistic healing definately is one of the most important and key aspect to this. So many ways for us to be healthy and better in the world which who's dark hand seek to destroy. So much of our food is poisoned.. so much of our medicines viral. There are many ways which we can better the temples that are our bodies that can elevate us to our full potential. This is a vast topic which I will look into later here.
In these times when we are awakening en mass and bettering ourselves there is great countermeasure which we must be aware of. There are today many scientests who seek these answers, the forgotten grails of technology and nature and in fact better them and find new ones. Blessed be those who fall for their great findings and wisdom. These are our great brothers and sisters who have fallen for their genius in these recent trying times of ours. I pray their works find their way into the hands of us who need them.



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