Saturday, September 30, 2006

NAU, Terror Bill

ah, this should give you a good idea of what i intend to make of this blog.. supressed information and things like that..

now.. you all might have heard that george w bush finally passed his draconian terror bill. this means he can do anything he wants to anyone for any reason more or less. this would come here if NAU [north american union] goes through. and it'd be only the tip of the iceburg..

they are trying to build north america into a giant police state dictatorship.. we must fight this.

--------- CNN Poll, looks like people are well behind it. We are waking up. --
Are you outraged that the Bush administration is considering combining the United States, Mexico and Canada?
Yes 96% 9640 votes
No 4% 433 votes

the scribes are pharases of the new world order are failing. we are the first generation to wholely stand against this. so if it seems odd none of our forefathers knew of it.. so this may seem strange to you all..

here is a discussion from a message board i post in [i post as jason ms], look at my links on page 1 for alot of backround info, try not to take the idiots whining against us seriously
and i'd like to note i contacted the Canadian Action Party about this.. and they are quite legit, very well read, totally devoted to the forces of good and compltely anti NWO [I even asked em about what I could do and they asked me to consider running for them locally hehe]


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