Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mind Deprogramming Video Jukebox

hey, i'd like to throw in a little link here for those who stumble upon this and need a nwo primer

this is the mind deprogramming jukebox. please take a good look at it, its full of useful information. [ and i'll note if anyone of you have any questions on any of this i'll gladly and enthusiasticly answer them to the best of my ability]

there are lots of good videos and things here;

1. alex jones- one of the great voices of our time, and best known leaders of the truth movement. you probaly heard of him, dont take the antijones hype youve heard and actually listen to him, he has a great message. lots of good stuff here, his newest film- a must see- terrorstorm- documenting the use of false flag [govt inside job] 'terrorism' of world history. also protests of illuminati meetings, great interviews with great leaders of truth and freedom, bullhorning elite meetings, etc. some of my favorites; order of death, dark secrets of bohemian grove [ i fucking HATE those guys ], the policestate series and bull horning.

2. 9/11 truth, the government did it. dont really have to get into it much right now, just watch the videos.

3. 7/7 london attacks. ditto.

4. NWO info. meat n potatoes stuff here. make sure you watch these [hey looks like theres alot of new stuff here that i didnt check out yet so i dunno whats in em but theyre probaly good.] some good ones are JFK speach, illuminazi, peace propaganda and the promised land, illuminati, pretty much all of it is great info.. once you see a few you'll get a good idea of the structure at least.

5. hidden occult knowlege. good stuff here. be sure to check out the tsarion stuff, codex magica, the great cross and the end of time [alchemy, cross of lorraine, cool stuff about peruvian caves], or anything else you might be interested in. good bit here.

6. chemtrails and haarp.
really important stuff here. secret surpressed acts of government hazardous to your health. chemtrails are chemical agents spread by planes.. theyre always something that make you sick. often neurotoxins. also fairly new.. theyre testing it now basicly so its quite random. haarp is a sketchy powerful microwave beam facility up in the arctic somewhere that is notorious for what its doing to the atmosphere.. and im not sure what its really for [ ill probaly get back to this soon]

7. drugs.
ah, very very important. especially if you use pharmacutcal pills or hard drugs. make sure you check out pharmacretic inquisition , shamans of the amazon, magic weed, role of narcotics and the nwo, if youre into halucinogens check the sacred weeds series.

8.mind control.
ok, extremely important stuff here. dont miss americas secret war, microchip population, alex jones- microchip, RFID, history of MC, MKULTRA.

9. propaganda.
its good to be well versed in this. its quite easy to train yourself to be able to see through it clearly and easily. a great skill to have. didnt watch all of these.. but if youre new to it be sure to watch something. SPIN is good, OutFOXED, behind the big news, hemp for victory,

10. ufos
didnt get into this much but im sure some of your would like to research it. weaving cosmic pardigm, rule by secrecy, iron mountain, montauk.

11. nature science etc
ah ok, if youre not into all that depressing elitist bio stuff theres alot of good supressed info too.
dont miss what the bleep, hidden messages on water, hollow earth, mayans, tantra of gyuto.

12. health
there is much supressed health info. they want you sick. great to get into. if you have a friend you works in the medical industry you should show them this. make sure you check out - dna pirates, we became silent, gm food, sweet misery, flouride deception, royal rife [must see], one of the aids vids , vaccine vid, hoxsay.

13. Free energy.
great stuff. i look at getting into working on some of this in the future. if you know anyone who is good with this kinda stuff pass it on. this anologized the history of the surpression of free energy which is currently being done as well but the truth is leaking out. check out peak oil, equinox, telsa, zero point. also check out this, the tesla roadster

14. activism and protest.
another important section. we all must become well versed in these means. check for sure - we interupt.., 2006 anti war.. , indymedia, resistance, and definately when i did not speak.

15. concious media network.
some quick bits from a npo internet media site. good people, good site.

16. trailers.
some good quick videos so you can check em all. good to see so you know what videos you may be interested in. scanner darkly is a great film about the drug war and general war on conciousness. thx 1138- george lucas' first film, about police states and stuff. good flick. again, be sure to check all these out.. most of the videos listed are available on the jukebox.

17. funny intellishit.
good quick little funny clips. very important to have a sense of humor about all of this. having a positive, happy outlook on stopping them is better then a bitter and depressed one. theyre all short so check em all out.

18. music videos.
great way to see supressed videos if you cant sit through the docus. [again, you should. youre conditioned to not want to stomach surpressed info. you should build an immunity to this feeling :)] dont miss john the relevator, they want your soul, nofx, mos def, use, actually- theyre all pretty good. entertaining. well made. gets your heart in it. watch em all.

19. anti nwo music.
good tunes. check em all out. immortal technique is a great artists.. check his other stuff. i cant wait for his new album.

20. speaches
nothing much here yet. dont miss JFK if you didnt see the other video [ which is probaly better anyway..]. jfk was a good man, he tried to turn against his brotherhood [wanted to abolish the federal reserve and the cia, and withdraw troops in 'nam, among other things] and lost his life for it.

this is a great lexicon for info. ill be posting many many more similar things as i progress in this.


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